2021 as a new year has brought us hope, a fresh start and new horizons. It also has given us a new president in the United States. People here and across the world know how pivotal the exchange of power can be in a country. This is no less true for our times. 

Civil unrest has plagued our country in more ways than one, how can we make sure that we are not the cause?

You are likely asking yourself, how can I change this situation?

Hope, that won’t change the outcome. Action however has the potential to change the course of our country’s future!! 

Here are a few ways we all can make a positive impact regarding the disagreements and heat that are a result from the political chapter we have begun.

  • Focus on the common goal; this allows the emotional tendencies to be used in a productive manner. Whether it’s a team or group, using this tip will allow camaraderie to exist regardless of the different perspectives present.
  • Next, be sure to utilize the power of diversity as a strength. The different perspectives and knowledge that can be brought into the situation can lead to greater breakthroughs. 
  • Lastly, regardless of which side, red or blue or in between, we are all Americans. United. Humans striving for more, like our forefathers before us, this is our legacy. 

As a result of these small points of awareness we can achieve a healthy communication standard, one based in respect and empathy.

As a business, you do retain the right to work or not serve clients as you see best. If the fit is challenged by political discord, recall how you can create the best outcome for the client. If you can’t deliver, support or serve them in the ways needed without compromising healthy communication, then other accommodations or opportunities should be considered. 

The United States must remain united and it starts with us personally and as a community, our business, our life. Let us recall the power of respect and empathy for each other. As citizens of our incredible country we all desire freedom. Together we create and enjoy it. Together, we are One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all!

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