Today, we have reached new levels that had only been dreams of others before us. Here we are in the beginning of a new year, 2021 and everyone reading this, is a survivor of the greatest pandemic in history. 

We have all been challenged to pivot in our lives and businesses in ways that had the potential to make us, or break us. The physical isolation has been one of the most heavy burdens to bear. So many stated that communication lacked due to the change and we are going to chat on this.

Life as we knew it early in 2020 had the usual flow of communication according to the social norm. When isolation mandates were initiated, the panic set in. Is it here to stay? How will we survive without social interaction?

Without communication, humans as social beings are left in a very unstable state.

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.”

Rollo May.

Looking through the eyes of a business owner, the ‘I’ll ask Pam on my way out today as I walk out of the office’, or encouraging the team spirit with a pizza party on Friday… corona cancelled this, that’s what I have been told. I simply answered that corona changed it.

COVID-19 has given us new challenges that lead to new, unexplored opportunities.

Now, communication is more important than ever! How are you maintaining, nurturing your business communications? Due to health we are physically distancing but we can still have very strong and growing virtual connections and relationships with our network, customers and team.

Here are a few things to consider: 

  • For the brick and mortar shops; how are you letting your customers know that you are still around, happy to serve them, adapting to health standards, assuring them that you are going through this with them? You used to be able to create that connection when they walked into your store, and now you have to use other methods.
  • For the brick and mortar gone virtual; how are you supporting your clients, do they feel safe and cared for, how are you upgrading the experience, how are you supporting your team, are there established standards for team communication for time optimization? Managing this new normal has many challenges, growing through them is the way to go!
  • For the virtual businesses; what’s new? Is there more noise online due to higher numbers and more competition? How do your customers keep you as their focus? Are you maximizing your potential through delegation, hired management, work flows? 

No matter if your business just started or has pivoted during these crazy times, there are always ways to improve our communication. 

The most underestimated way to do this is listen. Listen to what your people are saying, and many times it’s by what they do not say. This takes time, but all things worth having, take time. 

Maybe it’s you reaching out to your email list, doing a reel on instagram, or a post on your business page asking how people are doing, spreading good vibes, etc. Don’t be discouraged, test and pivot like you have done all year! You got this! 

Together, let’s prioritize our communication in 2021 and this will carry us all higher and further this year then we could have imagined! Relationships are the key to a successful, profitable business. The key to relationships is communication. Although it is simple, it is far from easy. 

What will you implement today?

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