An excerpt from Limitless Expansion Secrets by Bryce Vance:

We have all heard it before. The cliches and the sayings: Everything from Always be Closing to Keep it Simple Stupid. But how many of us actually have been impacted by these old cliches? How many of us extracted the lessons that these are designed to show, that these cliches originated from?

One of my favorites is”One of the best predictors of ultimate success . . . Isn’t natural talent or even industry expertise, but how you explain your failures and rejections” By Daniel H. Pink. Success much like sales, Is not just about our victories or our highs, it is equally if not more importantly about our failures, The sales we didn’t close, the clients we didn’t win over, the opportunities lost but not forgotten.

You see this is an example of an important part of sales and persuasion as a whole! Simple put, Human beings, People, Your clients, have a higher propensity to purchase to avoid pain rather then gain pleasure. This is a behavior, a core program built into our DNA as Human beings that causes direct subconscious buying habits and decisions. Simply put, Your clients propensity to purchase and their likelihood to purchase from you, To purchase your product or services as a solution is more dependent on what they feel emotionally rather then what they think logically. If they feel that your solution will solve their problem or help them avoid what causes them pain they will buy.

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking, There is so much more to a sales then just solving a problem, While you technically may be right, in the process of the sale of solving the clients problem, of having a solution you are correct there are many other factors, You are incorrect in the psychology of the sale, in the psychology of the clients, the mental gymnastics that are occurring. Quite bluntly, The biggest objection that most people get is related to price, The price is to high, the price is non negotiable, price price price, blah blah blah, This is the client telling you that they do not see the value in your offer, that they do not believe that your product or service will solve their pain or help them avoid pain. They have answered questions. You see, Price is only an issue in the absence of value and an objection is only an answered question manifesting itself as an obstacle and worry.

So lets play a little game shall we say, An experiment! A mental activity if you will. I want you to do something, something for you. I want you to put yourself in your buyers shoes for a second, Put yourself on the receiving end of your sales pitch, of how you sell, of the process you put prospects through. And tell me, No tell yourself, Does it evoke emotion? Does it demand a response, does it attract you to take action, or does it feel bland, does it feel empty, does it just feel like features not benefits? Would it entice you to buy? If not then you need to to optimize your messaging, Turn your mess into your message and go from problematic to prolific! The good news! Is you can do this following three simple formulas right now! We have developed these three into what we call the Inbound method, Individually they are the AER, THRIVE, and NLP systems! These three individual parts were learned from several coaches, mentors, and companies we have worked with or partnered with in the past. We have taken their concepts and made them better, we have taken a rule of thumb and imprinted our mission, our vision and our strategy to it. By adding in behavioral data, interest data and experience we have created The Inbound Method! 

So what are these? Simple: They are sales tools and sales systems that you use to help people buy your product or service and in turn make a bigger impact and leave a legacy! Now I must warn you, Using our version of these tools, we have modified them to be what I call the Inbound Method and it is wildly powerful. So if you are someone who does not operate with integrity, is not moral, is not ethical then you need to skip this chapter now, this is not for you. But if you are ethical, operate with integrity, and are honest then you are in the right place. These simple yet powerful systems and tips will take you from drab to flab, from lame to fame and from just surviving to actually thriving!

AER = Acknowledge Empathize and Reassure. A simple three step system to put your prospect at ease. To add confidence in you and your offer and to add reassurance in the ability to solve your prospects pain allowing you to overcome objections, and navigate the waters of the sales process to successful completion. You must first Acknowledge your prospects desires, their worries, and their objections. By doing so you are aligning yourself to the them and anchoring yourself to their goal. By putting your vision and your clients vision on so to speak even playing fields you are showing that you are an adviser, a consultant, someone with the same interests at heart you are not just saying it , but showing that you understand them and want to help them. This separates you from the pack, you becomes someone of trust and not just a sleazy salesman. From here, you must empathize with them, Showing them that you are not just trying to sell them, but you are helping them, that you know their pain, you understand it, you can understand what their worries are. You see people love buying stuff, they love spending money, What they do not love is wasting time, energy, and money! It is always about trust and value! If you can empathize with their pain, you are one step closer to helping them solve it and avoid any pain. Now the magic gets to happen, you have acknowledge their pain, you have empathized with their pain and worries, now you must reassure your prospect, your client or your lead that you not only understand their problem and stuff but that you also have confidence that you can and will be able to solve it for them. You see, Reassurance is key to developing a relationship, to developing a long lasting customer relationship and instrumental in the customer journey. If you successfully follow the pathway of this you will gain the trust, respect and the money of your client !

THRIVE = Talk about Reason of call, Help them see the path, Realign with solutions, Invite them to buy, Value offers, and Evoke a purchase. This 6 step system helps you go through the entire process from lead to client and from client to ranting and raving fan, But only if you follow it and make sure that you add in the AER process from above. NOTE: This is designed to help you convert inbound sales leads, this can absolutely be leveraged to help with outbound sales calls as well. You just may have to modify the timing of certain steps! For example, on the inbound method you can Talk about the reason and the purpose of the call and clarify how and why they got in touch with you to begin with. Where as if you use this for outbound sales calls or appointments in many cases you will want to do your report building and your organic questions and answers to discover if your solution can solve anything that is causing them pain before you clarify the timing, Unless of course you are doing a prospecting call in which you would clarify that , that is the purpose of the call.  To begin this journey you are going to want to ensure that you set the tone of the conversation, for the customer journey, In many situations this is right towards the beginning of the conversation. You want to set the tone of the conversation and the rest of the experience that this lead or prospect will go through. You are ensuring that you are on the same page so to speak. From this step you want to ensure that you assign the agenda, setting structure to the call and the conversation to take place, This allows you to structure the call and the customer journey. Simple put, This means you are to set a flow and pace to the call and all future events, A good example of this is: Great to hear from you Mr/Mrs , now that we have clarified the reason for our time together I want to make sure that we both do our due diligence. To make sure that you are taken care of I want to go over a few things with you, Lets start with a Q and A, from that lets go over what you are currently doing and what we do to determine if you are the right fit, and then from there we will go over strategy, opportunities and if we both agree that we are the right fit to help you accomplish X then we will discuss what solutions we can help you with and how to get started, Fair enough? As you can see from this example above you are setting structure and tone so that all parties are taken care of and you have a flow you can make sure you control to guide the prospect through the process of buying from you. Once you have helped them see a path to resolution you want to talk them through their pain and realign them with their solutions. This is where you also want to imprint and add in the AER system from above. While you walk them through what is causing them pain, pushing their buttons and allowing them to see that their pain can be solved by you and your product or service. This portion more or less is to walk them through their problem, Dig deep into the issue and dive into the problems they are facing and can not solve on their own. You want to poke the bear so to speak here. Once you have successfully made them feel pain, not just logically but emotionally felt their pain. Then you want to go ahead and invite them to buy, Close the sale! You have at this point successfully clarified the purpose of the conversation, assigned the agenda and walked them through their pain. Now is the time you become the hero. You offer to solve their pain, You close them on you! You close them on the Solution! This is where you Reassure them and you close them (This is the portion where you get the signature you get the final yes and you close them! Now in the event that there are still objections of any-kind, Do not worry, I got you! This is where the V comes in for THRIVE. You help them buy showing them the value and opportunities that are ahead of them on the path you showed them! You Add in the AER yet again and you reconfirm their pain, you reconfirm their struggle, you reconfirm what has them looking to buy. You want to put their mind at ease, evoking a response and evoking action. Put their worries to rest and overcome all of their other objections. You see, An objection is just an unanswered question, a worry that they have not had solved, and an opportunity to help them. They are not saying no forever, they are saying no because you have not answered their questions and they still have worries and questions. You help them buy, you help them solve their pain!

Now that you have learned about AER, You have learned about the process of THRIVE, you are even closer to mastering The Inbound Method. Making you a master of sales and a master at ethical persuasion. Many of you know, hell many of you may have experienced it first hand. Persuasion in the right hands is a beautiful thing. In the wrong hands can be disastrous. Many of you have heard the old slander and cliche “Like a used car salesman” , Where did that come from? Surely not out of no where, right? Well simply put it came from car salesman abusing persuasion. Why do I tell you this? To illustrate that you have a moral and ethical duty to always operate with integrity! Once you master persuasion and you master the teachings of our next chapter, you will be able to use the full power of The Inbound Method, So what is the missing piece? It is called NLP. The ability to use language to convey and imprint an emotion to persuade and more or less control the outcome of the a conversation and more importantly the sales conversation!

NLP = Neuro-Linguistic Programming: A pseudoscience approach to communication personal development and psychotherapy that was coined in the 1970s by Richard Badler and John Grinder. This is a powerful and yet controversial topic for many. Through the years people have criticized, demonized and even been mystified from the teachings of NLP. Now I want you to keep your mind open to what I am about to show you: You may or may not have heard about or even used NLP in the past. However you may not have had the right mindset or process to really do good with it! Before I get started I need you to remember: you have a moral and ethical duty to operate with integrity at all times. So how do you use NLP to help people Thrive and not just Survive? You help people by anchoring them, Using language to help them see through their own eyes and their own discoveries through conversations that your solution is the answer to their prayers, that your product or service will help them avoid pain! You see people buy to avoid pain, not gain pleasure, and people take action to purchase emotionally, not logically. Your customer, Your clients, and your audience as a whole will only purchase from you if they have a dopamine release, a satisfaction from avoiding pain or solving pain that they already have. This is key in you being able to successfully sell like a master salesman or sales woman. Simply put, your job as a sales master, is not to sell a product or a service, Your job is to discover, uncover, and solve peoples pain. You get paid to solve problems and in direct proportion to the size and amount of problems you solve. Following this logic it would make sense then that if you can anchor emotion with the written, spoke, or visually shown word and content then you can guide and control the sale as well as persuade your prospects and clients to take action and buy from you. Would it not? Yes it would, Absolutely. Now this does not mean you have to go crazy and start trying to mentally program people like you are some kind of CIA or FBI agent going full MK Ultra. You simply have to imprint emotional ties and anchor the prospect through the sales process to the pain they feel from their problem and the joy they will get from no longer having to experience that pain. It is important that you do this through the entire sales cycle and you do it with the best interest of the client in mind. Once again, You must be moral and ethical and have integrity! What you want to do is connect on a human level. Weather you realize this or not, everything you do, Every decision you make, every conversation you have and every day of your life you are already making sales! You sell yourselves to make a decision, you sell yourself on what to eat, who to become friends with, who you want to get to know and yes you even sell yourself to your partner, to your clients, to you husband, wife, community, boss. Etc. You see a sale is made in every conversation, in every interaction. At all times! And all of these sales, They are all naturally hedged and leveraged on naturally using and experiencing NLP. While yes it is true that NLP Itself is a specific instance of this, It can be simply described and used as Naturally using language to express and connect emotion with a topic. Adding in emotional ties to logic based topics. A good example of this is in the real estate industry. A good real estate agent does not help you find a house, they help you find a home! This is a simple version , but a version non the less! You see, The word Home Conveys emotion, While the term house, Is just a description of the item. This is the difference between selling on product or service features and selling on the benefit of a product or service. 

Combining these three items together you get a rock solid sales system, but we do not want rock solid, We want The Inbound Method! The inbound method is taking the above to even new levels, And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a 30 year veteran at sales for this to help you level up. What could possibly help you level up even more than AER and THRIVE and NLP all mixed together? Social proof. Social Proof can!

What is the difference between a landscape company that the owner comes and knocks on your door and tells you that he is the best landscaper in town, and your neighbor coming over, telling about this rock star landscaper he and all your other neighbors have been using and giving a glowing recommendation? The difference is social proof. There as a town over in Europe somewhere, the location I do not recall, that did a study to find out the power of social proof. As a species humans are programmed, mentally, emotionally. physically, down to our very essence for a few things. One of these things is social interaction and the fear of missing out (FOMO)! In the sales game we call leveraging FOMO as scarcity, and social proof as testimony and proof of results. As a consumer, your clients use reviews and other peoples experiences as the social proof they want to see, and the satisfaction of knowing that they are experiencing something that others are enjoying as the level of satisfying their own FOMO. 

One of the most seductive and simplistic ways for you to be able to take advantage of these is to use what I call the Like Love Enjoy Structure! This three part structure is the perfect culmination of allowing you to show social proof, your testimony, your proof of results, your case studies, your happy customers, the math works out and the like while also subconsciously programming your buyers to trigger their Fear of Missing Out. The structure is, You will Like the _____, Love the _______ and Enjoy the _______. a good example of this is, You will like the french doors and the outside inside living that this post modern home has all ready for you and your family to have BBQ’s on, host parties, and have Christmas celebrations in, you will love the peace and quite and warm loving community, have block parties, get to know your neighbors like john and Jill smith next door, and you will enjoy all of this , much like all of your neighbors here and much like (Insert testimonial). This gives you the chance to show your social proof, discuss your social proof, anchor them to emotions using NLP, and leverage their FOMO. Simply put this is the whip cream on any good sales call!

Now what does every great milkshake or banana split need to be complete? The Cherry of course! What is the cherry you ask? Why don’t I just tell ya? Because it is so much more fun to show you, to give examples, and to help you come to the discovery on your own! (PS: I’m still gonna tell ya don’t worry) You know all about AER, THRIVE, NLP, And Using social proof, however if you want to really take things to the next level, As the say a whole notha level! You want to add in the pixie dust, add in the emotional and subconscious triggers that NLP will enhance, That AER will leverage, and that THRIVE will allow you maximize! So lets take a step back for a second. All the way to the beginning, Just follow with me, there is a method to my madness. During your building rapport section, during your research phase, remember the best customer is an educated customer, and the best salesmen and saleswomen have done their research. Might I say have done their social recon. Just like a customer does their research to know like and trust who they are buying from it is expected that you do your research to make sure that your lead, prospect, and future customer is the right fit to become a ranting and raving fan! You are going to want to look into their social media profiles, check out what they like, learn about what is important to them, For example, If you are pitching to sell a service to a real estate agent, lets say his name is John, A good simple strategy to do this would be to hop on social media, take a look at their profile, and find out what they recently talked about or posted. Maybe a local event, a family gathering, something that is important to them. Now take note. You can use this to evoke a sense of connection, By aligning yourself with them and referencing something that they care about or a local event they may have attended you are immediately showing them that you care about them. Now remember: there is a difference between recon to know your audience and your client, and being a creep. DO NOT BE A CREEP! Once you do this, You want to understand a few key pieces: Let’s call them Triggers. The most common triggers are the following: Trauma, Experience/Education, Recommendation, and Curiosity

Trauma: Trauma triggers are emotional triggers that we are all far to familiar with,They help you and your clients protect themselves from pain, Remember people buy to avoid or solve pain and justify it with logic. This is key because in many cases you will not be competing with another company or rep selling the same product or service. You will be competing with their memory of trauma that has them weary of trusting you , buying from you, and recommending you. They are guarded. You need to defuse the bomb in order to save the city! So how do you defuse the situation? It is much easier then you think, You should recall from an earlier paragraph how using emotional anchors and using word tracks similar to like , love , and enjoy help you. They also help you here! There is just one thing you have yet to learn about in reference to trauma. Make sure that when poking the bear here, you are doing it to solve their pain, not have them relive it. Think of yourself as a friend, a confidant, an unofficial counselor of sorts. Your job is to discover what caused the trauma and then use the AER, THRIVE, and NLP Wisely to overcome objections and help them solve their pain and finally overcome their trauma once and for good. After all most trauma is deep seeded. So you must set yourself apart from the pack, and set yourself apart from the cause of their trauma.

Experience/Education: Experience/Education triggers are emotional triggers that are usually defined by the client having experience or their belief of experience in your field of expertise. In many cases this comes in the form of a saying or a statement such as the following: Real estate agents often hear, Well I can sell my own house why would I hire you? Marketing agencies often hear, Well I can run my own ads, Or I am already marketing, What makes you different or better than what I am doing? Coaches often hear, Well I have mentors, Why should I hire a coach? And so on and so on and so on. . . In this instance, You are overcoming Ego. Their ego to be specific, So walk with caution. To successfully leverage this trigger, you want to point at the fact that what got them here, may not get them there. There is an old truth that goes around, especially in the world of coaching and consulting. You see even coaches hire coaches, Even the greats hire the greater. In order to achieve new heights, the best way to do so is to surround yourself with those who have. After all your Net worth is your Net work. 

Recommendation: Recommendation triggers, always a curious subject to think about. These can be both a benefit and an objection. These come from the experiences that are tied to recommendations and events that have occurred in the past, and present for the prospective client. In many cases the reason the prospect knows, likes, and trusts you is because of a recommendation. This event works in your favor as 80 percent of people take the word of a recommendation or an online review as if someone has personally vetted you and the word of so called personal gospel, immediately gaining you trust and confidence in the eye of the consumer. Leverage this! As this is powerful. Now in the event that this is working against you, as someone may have recommended that someone does not buy, that they shop around, that they do x instead of y. You want to leverage the emotion of having results, over the fear of missing out. This is where FOMO really has its power as we talked about in an earlier chapter. By allowing the client or in this case the prospect, come to the realization that they are only prolonging their pain by not taking action, by following the recommendation to not take action, that party is not protecting them, in fact, that party recommending they do nothing is hindering them. But do not tell them, Help them see. People do not like to be told how they feel, they like to feel it for themselves and discover their own feelings. Much like how people hate to be sold, but they love to buy! 

Curiosity: Curiosity killed the cat they said, but remember satisfaction brought them back. Curiosity is the peak of sales, the peak of decisions, and the peak of what causes all of us to want to know more, feel more, experience more. And yes. Buy more! You see, curiosity is a leading emotion. It is powerful and drives you both consciously and subconsciously. Think about any experience, any event, any memory and you will find some level of curiosity that lead to that or influenced it. This allows you to peak their curiosity and then satisfy their curiosity. A great example of this is the song and dance of sales webinars. You see a webinar is teaching without teaching, selling with psychology, and leveraging curiosity to get a result. When you are selling, when you are presenting, when you are speaking, you are performing a song and dance. You are the lead and the prospect is to follow. The key to this trigger is you want to peak their curiosity, you want to entice their imagination of what if, and you want them to picture their life if they just took action. You want their brain to crave the answer, to need the answer to satisfy their curiosity. You want to be that song stuck in their head. And the only plausible satisfaction, the only source of that sweet sweet dopamine release that they are thirsty for is to buy your product or service. Showing them the What, But not the how. Is the secret here. For example, In marketing, The what is growing your online presence, getting more leads to make more sales, and being omni present. The how? Well the how is you purchase an ecosystem, you purchase the right solutions for you, for your product, for your service from a reputable company that can show you results, show you testimony, and has a track record of success.

Now that you understand triggers, you understand AER, THRIVE, and NLP, And you understand social proof. You just need to have the right PR. Sales is a song and dance, Sales is a way of life, and Sales is the lifeblood of the economy, All which is dependent on people actually caring. People knowing you, liking you, and trusting you. How does one accomplish this? Simply put, By doing it. Now I know I know, It cant be that easy. And you are right, It is not just as easy and thinking it and boom your all of a sudden everywhere like the Big T. It takes work, It takes dedication, It takes consistency. Sounds like a lot of work right? It is, Well sort of. It takes dedication to be consistent and it takes you working. But not just busy work. It takes you working on valuable content. Content on social media, Content on blogs, on podcasts, on ads, on the radio, on TV, basically on any media channel or avenue that you can reach your ideal clients. Now the good news? You can simply get an Ecosystem that will Identify your ideal clients, Capture their attention, Convert that attention to actionable data and leads, and help you convey that to new clients and buyers daily.  Well, I got a surprise for you, If you go to You can get a blueprint, Complementary that will walk you through 1 of the 3 core funnels that every business needs. Now a funnel is only one part of an ecosystem, and only one component of The Inbound Method and Limitless Program. So it is important that you leverage it to get more leads, so you can have more sales calls and appointments, and in turn master the skills you learned above! But I am not gonna stop there, While you will have your funnel, your sales skills, and your knowledge working for you. Lets help you syndicate some content on a shoe string budget. Go to get an account, go to get an account. Go to and get an account. These three inexpensive tools will not replace hiring a professional team to help you market and advertise and create the perfect online presence and ecosystem. However they will help you get started getting our content out there on the web so you can attract more people. Repurpose helps you do as it is named, repurpose content from one social channel to another. Oneupapp helps you schedule posts. That is right, Automation on the low for ya. You can simply schedule out days, weeks, and even months of your social media posts so you can appear to be active all the time when it is important even when you are not. And last but not least. You want to be published? I know you do. Medium is a free blogging site that allows you to , yes, write blogs. IF you do these things, And you practice the AER, THRIVE, NLP, The Inbound Method, and The Triggers and Social proof we have discussed today you will be well on your way to making your millions and helping more people help more people, Giving back, and leaving a legacy.

PS: Still got an itch to scratch? Great! Go to to learn more about how we can help you Thrive not just Survive! 

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Bryce Vance is the CEO and Founder of Funnel Driven LLC/Chimera Developments/The Inbound Secret and Social Media Chimera Marketing as well as several SAAS programs and an Up and Coming Peer to Peer company.

He is the creator of several dozen courses and the creative backing for hundreds of clients worldwide, most recently, He is the up and coming Author of his first book: Title pending: That is designed to not only change the minds of thousands of individuals worldwide but the change the world and help people get away from the mundanity they are used to and start living life with Purpose, To Thrive Not Just Survive and to adopt the mantra, Consistency Concours Complacency.

His Story is told in this publications and can be seen in full transparency on his social media profiles. With a history in developing businesses and digital products, he specializes in helping businesses, professionals and individuals alike build their legacy through the use of digital properties such as sales funnels, ads, mobile apps, and more that his companies develop and manage on behalf of their clients. He comes from a normal family and a Dark past and has since been able to become the Architect of his own life and unlock a Superpower: This superpower is simply described as living with purpose outside of himself and helping people help people really does change the world!

“Remember You Were Made to Thrive Not Just Survive”

“Consistency Conquers Complacency”

– Bryce Vance –

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