The advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing are numerous. From encouraging time effectiveness to making the most use of the opportunity to have a variety of marketing tactics , digital marketing opens a portal for a whole new marketing experience for a brand. 

TIME EFFECTIVE: The process of digital marketing is faster because adverts done on online platforms can reach a wider audience in few minutes rather than the traditional marketing that will require physical interaction between the buyer and the seller. In the area of analysing and creating brand strategies, digital marketing shortens the time involved in the process by creating direct links with the customers even when brand campaign.

VARIETY: Digital marketing offers a wide range of tactics that can be used when marketing a brand online. A brand can choose to stick to social media platforms and engage customers in a feedback process to measure the efficiency of their strategy. A brand can also decide to take up email marketing. SEO marketing is where a brand uses keywords to get a spot on the search engine so that people who are searching for related products online can access the brand. This is very effective as SEO marketing can reach as many people that social media marketing cannot reach.

COST EFFECTIVE: Engaging in digital marketing is one of the best financial decisions a brand can make. Especially for businesses that are just starting up and do not have the ability to pay for things like a billboard ad, social media marketing and advertising is the best option for such a business. With little money and with the right digital marketing tactics, a business can spend less and still reach a large audience online. 

COMPETITIVENESS: It is not very easy for a brand to maintain its ground or scale up in an industry that is highly competitive. By analysing behavioural patterns of their customers online and working on the needs of the customers based on feedback, a business can successfully retain its space and even attempt to kick less competitive businesses out of the market. Apart from merely creating awareness about the product on various social media platforms and even buying sponsored posts, creating a social media page automatically draws up a Brand Awareness Pyramid where the existing customers begin to relate with new customers. Almost everyone is aware with certain social media pages where a new customer asks a question in the comment section and an existing customer quickly answers the question even before the social media operators of the business are alerted of it. This way, a business can know if the customers have not just enough knowledge but also the right knowledge about the brand.

CUSTOMER BASE: The right digital marketing strategies and tactics ensure that the business gets to the ideal customers. The business also has the liberty to check the efficiency of its online marketing strategy and ascertain if it is effective and they have been able to meet their target customers or if the business needs to adopt a whole new strategy altogether.

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