Creating a sense of urgency is not all there is to effective copywriting, the tricks you add to it in order to lure your prospective also counts. While you are creating that sense of urgency, you should also be persuasive with your words. There are some words in the English Language that are highly persuasive. Thus, when it comes to putting together a nice copy, you should rely on your skills (what you’ve come to know and understand about people), your experience (which concerns what you know about yourself and how you’ve been moved to action by what another has written about in the past), and your toolbox (which is your power and choice of words). Your toolbox is expected to be filled with persuasive words so much that it overflows. 

 Although the first two are inclusive and important (that’s skills and experience), they are not as indispensible as toolbox. Toolbox is gathered through research. As a copywriter your first duties to yourself and to your readers is to be grounded in research. Doing more research will help you handle the burnout syndrome, escape the writer’s block and, ultimately, record more success. It pays to write and capture the minds, thoughts and intentions of your readers as if you’ve known them on a personal note. And to become more persuasive with your words, this is what you must do: 

  • Add life and vigor to your research. In whatever you are doing, inasmuch as it involves capturing and retaining the interests of your readers, you need to understand the value of research and make adequate use of it. When you research extensively, you stuff your mind with adequate and necessary information. And consequently anything you write afterwards will be brimming with confidence and assurance. And when your prospects read what you have written, they will believe you know what you are saying because every word you employ is used to drive home a point. When you research adequately you have tons of tools to work with. This is why you should research extensively, researching helps you gather the interesting and helpful information that will help you handle writer’s block. It also helps you keep in line so that what the content you produce later does not contradict what you produced previously. Research is the tool that takes care of hearsay and assumptions. It gives you the right words to work with, and if your readers are required to act on a particular thing, research will ensure you present that need to them in the most appropriate way. It is only when you have conducted adequate research that you will know what is expected of your copy on a general note. 
  • Be able to catch and hold the gaze of your reader. When you are writing and you seem to hit a wall, instead of using filler words just to have something readable for your reader, you should add interest to what you are writing. The best way to do this is to tell a relatable story, which will involve true-to-life characters that have taken a similar step you are encouraging them to take and it turned out just fine for them. Your story should be truthful, probable and admissible, and it should be fascinating. If your story produces yawns and scratches on the head, you definitely will not get your readers to be attentive enough to buy your products. Nobody has ever been bored into buying something new. Hence, it’s only by having something interesting that you will be able to get your readers to act accordingly. Below are some of the ways you could make your copy quite fascinating for your readers: 
  1. Ensure it is scannable and appeals to what the eyes can see. 
  2. Make it entertaining. Don’t sound so highhanded as if you guys are in a funeral parlor. Every bit of humor you should employ should be targeted at selling whatever services you have. 
  3. Tell stories that appeal to their sense of self. It should be a story they can relate to. 

These are some of the tricks you can enforce by taking active part in research, but they are not research based. They are the kind of tips that are time-worthy, only if you will apply them at the right time. When you add interest into your copy, you wouldn’t have to bother with getting the right audience, because the right audience is always out there. The only concern is if you have the right tools to get them looking your way. 

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