As 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade, it doesn’t just mean a new calendar. It means a revolution in every sphere of life. It has been forecasted that most industries will be dominated by artificial intelligence and digitalization. This also applies to the marketing industry. Currently, marketing has left the ordinary use of sales associates to a more digitalized form that uses search engines and data. There will be continuous evolvement in the marketing industry. Marketing will no longer solely focus on advertising services and branded products but also incorporate a way to promote quality customer experience.  Some of the trends of marketing that will be used in 2020 include;

Quality Customer Experience: 

This will be the biggest trend of the year because business owners have come to understand that the customer is the heart of the business. Without them, the business cannot exist. So there is a grand plan to ensure that customers are left satisfied and happy. The conventional marketing like we earlier highlighted was focused on only branding and advertising. However, what top marketers have come to understand is that this strategy only works when you seek new customers. New customers and retention are ways to analyze business growth. Gathering new customers doesn’t mean anything if they will leave after using your service once. This is why the fixation on customer experience has grown because only a satisfied customer will choose to stick with you.

In most cases, happy customers are the greatest source of referrals. Word of mouth travels fast and since it is a personal experience that doubles as a testimony, it will attract more users. This means once you are focused on giving quality experience, marketing finds a way to sort itself out. On the other hand, being lackadaisical about customer experience will bring bad publicity for a business. Since the world went digital, people no longer wait to be spoon-fed with information. Rather, they go out to hunt for themselves. This is why reviews are important because they will find out experiences other people have had and use them as a basis for a trial. Generally, convenience and efficiency are the major qualities consumers look for in a product or service. Others include friendly and knowledgeable customer service. Now while running a site or an online store, what translates to excellent customer service has to include personalization of the site to enhance the user experience, easy payment options, design, up-to-date technology along with the brand image and all that. Once merged, all of this creates a happy client which makes marketing easier.

As we go further into other trends that will be used in 2020, you’ll understand that customer experience is the bedrock of the trends of the year. This is because it dictates why other trends should be adopted. Take, for instance, the introduction of chatbots. Since it is not humanly possible to work round the clock additionally attending to every single message that pops in too, programmers have created what is known as the chatbots today. They are robots that are programmed to resolve customer complaints, respond to inquiries, give out content and then offer any form of assistance the customer might need. Although most websites have chatbots that aren’t exactly up to par, it is one of the new trends that will take over the marketing industry in 2020. 

Influencer Marketing: 

The word influencer here connotes people with a large social media following. People who seem to trust the word of their favorite people and that’s why celebrities were used in the traditional means of advertising. Today, not just people with large followers but also a reasonable amount are contacted to help pass on advertising messages as personal experiences. This has led to the rise of beauty bloggers for instance, who use products for their videos and influence people to buy them. This is because if the product could be used by their favorite person and it worked, then it is only okay to also try it out. Due to the way influencer marketing has grown increasingly for the last two years, it is obvious that it will continue to be a trend that will be adopted in 2020.

Voice Search, Visualization and Live Videos: 

In 2019, we have seen how voice search has been incorporated into every one of the gadgets we own. From our smartphones to the virtual assistants at home. A study has shown that it will not just stop, but rather, it will continue to grow. This makes it a big influence on the way brands portray themselves online and create content. Currently, voice search amounts for 20% of searches online. This statistic will only continue to grow over time. The only way to effectively market your online presence as a business owner is to ensure that your content is optimized for voice search. Voice search works differently when compared to the conventional type of search. With a voice search, the customer is more conversational and the search engines have to pick out many keywords to use.

With the advent of smart speakers like amazon’s echo or google home, people prefer to just speak out and get the information they need instead of typing it out. Many businesses will adopt smart speaker advertising which uses these speakers to help advertise a product or service by referring people to the brand. However, since not every business will be ready for this, ensure that your content can answer most likely to be asked questions. Let it be a lot more direct than usual and it will be picked up during a search.

Now while voice search will become a new wave in the marketing trend, visualization will also develop alongside it. Naturally, people are influenced by what they see. Visualization in this context means videos, images, and infographics of your product or service. When compared to plain text, visuals are the quickest methods people digest information. This is why virtual and augmented reality has become a big wave because it uses the sense of sight. Colored visuals are catchy and they increase the desire to read.  A lot of companies like google are heavily interested in visuals. Youtube for instance solely runs on them and they are one of the largest content creation sites in the world. Come 2020, visuals will have to be diffused in advertisements. This means articles and newsletters have to have a lot of colored materials and images. Then research has shown that people are usually motivated to buy a product after watching a video about it. So most websites and social media pages will have videos on the service or product. Essentially, visualization is a trend that will dominate in the underground alleys of marketing.

The use of live videos is another catchy way of marketing that will become a very dominant trend. When compared to visualization, live videos are more engaging and active. Viewers are highly influenced by live videos because they know that their comments can affect what happens in the video. It is also a very effective means of catching attention because most times, the viewers know that they might not get such content elsewhere. So this fear of missing vital information prompts people to watch live videos. This is why when a brand is advertised using this platform, numerous potential customers can ask questions about the product live.


In the past, advertising was done using speculations on what the target audience would like to see. Generally, it might work out well but the highlight of it is that many other brands flood these customers with numerous advertising messages. Over time, it becomes boring and they just start to ignore these messages. This is where personalization kicked in. Recently, forms of interactive personalized advertising messages have become a trend. Using a customer’s first name in a newsletter was one of the initial forms of personalized messages. By 2020, it will no longer just be that but using customer data to showcase advertisements. Instagram has already incorporated this feature by using what is known as an ‘ad activity’ to recommend a series of sponsored or advertised posts. Let’s say a customer chooses to view a sponsored post about shoes. Instagram automatically shares other adverts on shoes because the ad activity shows that you are interested in shoes. So the personalization here is out to give the customer their interests. 

Other social media platforms have also made it possible to see adverts about websites you have visited in the past. Specific advertising is what has come to play. So personalization goes beyond using names in messages and letters, it is using artificial intelligence to gather insights from other websites, social media pages and applications a customer has visited to move the advert you have placed on the internet.

Google maps is another feature that has been used to create personalized marketing. An example can be turning on your maps and location. A feature has been created that gives you notifications on nearby places you might want to visit or ask you to rate a place after a visit that very day. So, websites, social media and even GPS will be used as a tool to create the marketing trend of a more personalized content.

Spam Reduction: 

In every mail, there is a spam folder that has hundreds of junk mail. Stopping mail as a means of advertising is a trend that will never happen because even if it might be annoying, it has proven to be useful sometimes. So a new trend will most likely pop-up and this trend will focus on reducing the level of junk mail a person receives from a specific brand or organization. An effective way to do this is by not sending specific content after a short period. If a person chooses to search for smartphones online, best believe every ad he will see for a while will be about smartphones. Over time, this will get tiring. And after a few weeks, he must have either gotten a phone or dropped the idea of getting one. Spamming his online activity at this point is useless. So the trick here is giving out the ads when it seems crucial. This means a few days after his search. With this, you realize that you aren’t only saving costs but making your company essential and not a bug to consumers.

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