An Excerpt from Limitless Expansion Secrets by Justine Mader:

How do you define limitless?

This is how I define it.

My name is Justine Mader, you will find me living life to the fullest everyday. Limitless for me is the opportunity to create each moment with intention. Be present and become all that I can be.

I wasn’t always this way. Though I am young, life has already granted me opportunities to develop appreciation and experience that serve me moving forward. 

I am a born and raised Minnesota momma. I am sharing with you a few of my biggest breakthroughs that have allowed me to grow from limited to limitless. 

Most of us start limitless, but slip into the limited mindset as a result of our influences or perspectives as we grow up. This was exactly what happened for me. And if today finds you there, not to worry. We get the opportunity every day to make the choice, how will we live the day, the moments that come our way. 

I am a fierce advocate for anyone and everyone to take charge of their life starting NOW, in this exact moment. These individuals start by living accountable for their own joy, growth, happiness and success. I believe that we all were created with a vital purpose. One that needs us to never stop becoming. A purpose that no one else can fulfill. One that could change the lives of others… Whenever I have found myself in a valley, I recall the fact that someone, somewhere, someday needs me to show up in order for them to fulfill their destiny. In my doing so, always becoming, showing up, delivering, I will fulfill my own.

I choose. I decide. I am not God, no, but I will not leave this Earth without giving it all that I have. While faced with the possibility of no tomorrow, this was a HUGE mindset truth that I had at the forefront of my thoughts. My vision at the end of my life is standing for judgement and in a state of immense peace declaring, I gave it all away. My gifts, talents, love, I became the best version of myself, I lived Virtually Limitless.

As you can tell, mindset is a big part of my message. 

The reality that we as people have forgotten that the power lies within each of us to become all that we desire is an insult to the one that created us. 

We have been given everything, everything with a time limit. I didn’t know if my time was up in February, 2020. I was scared, an undetected kidney infection had left me knocking on death’s door with a fevered temp reaching 109.3. I am humbled to be here and facing death is something that is hard to describe. However, it can be a powerful lesson and I learned that we face death every single day. 

Are you causing the death of our own will or dreams by listening to the ‘naysayers’ in the room?

Are you allowing the poison of self doubt silence the voice within?

Are you willingly chained in the prison of your own mind where you destroy the beauty of your humanity?

Is any of this serving you? Serving the person you are called to be?

Let’s pause for a moment right here. 

You may have thoughts on why this is important, this isn’t the next sales strategy, social media growth hack that I wanted. I challenge you to refocus. None of the tips, tricks or secrets will serve you if you don’t first serve yourself.

Who the heck are you?

Behind the business?

Under your skin?

Within your soul?

Who are you? 

Regardless of the answer, it has got to be straight from the heart, honest and true. If you aren’t true with yourself, how do you expect anyone else to be true with you? 

I want to go through this rediscovery with you, step by step to ignite your fire within. I do this on a regular basis myself, to measure my growth and progress. Let’s do it!

We are first going to analyze where you are. How do we do this? Through reflection, honestly asking yourself questions that dig deep. How am I, am I fulfilled, am I serving, am I growing, am I happy? Who do I desire to become?

Now that you have these answers to work through, the next phase is to acknowledge them. Face them head on. Take in exactly what they are. The answers are not a definition of you. Imagine they are the reflection of you today starring at the reflection of whom you are desiring to become. This is soooo powerful for me personally. 

You’ve taken it all in, now accept them. Embrace the imperfections as they are, and realize that you have the power to let them go. You have that control!! How incredibly awesome is that?! 

Now, my friend, this is where decisions are made. What action will you take, what moves will you make? What people don’t often realize is if you take the step or stand still, both are active decisions. One is for your progress, the other is against your progress. The choice is always yours, never give that control to someone else. Your heart beating is your confirmation that you are the one that needs to act, to become, to bless others.

Based on your decision, you will now achieve that which you have chosen. People ask me often, how do you guarantee success. I genuinely tell them exactly this; I can guarantee failure when the decision is made to go backwards, you can give yourself the opportunity to achieve success when the decision is made in efforts to go forward. I also have come to appreciate the strength in being consistent in the little things, they truly make the biggest impact.

The amazing truth about life is that not a single person has the exact same destined purpose, life story, or definition of success. What is your definition of success?

For me the definition of success is always evolving. Just like the person I am striving to become. She is always years ahead of me, and as I grow, she grows even greater. 

That’s one of the many reasons why I chose more. I chose to become more, surrender the fear and embrace the faith that I would discover, live and breathe my purpose. Becoming a mother made me realize how dearly I hope to instill this same faith in my children. 

It started and always starts with us, with me, with you. To change the world, you must make the decision to first change yourself, become every single day, use each moment as the gift that it truly is! The perspective that you choose is either empowering or enslavement. Both start with you.

How does this perspective impact your life and business? 


That also means that your decisions, big and small are directly connected to your life and business. Perspective is your power or your prison. What are you allowing to influence your perspective?

Many of us get caught on the busy train. Yep, that was totally me. The busier I felt, as a wife and mom that’s easy to feel busy but I felt better if I was doing too much. That didn’t last long, burnout was evident. This lesson taught me so much. We could reflect on this too. Not doing more things to achieve success, rather doing the right things that lead to you achieving the success you desire in life and business. 

It’s not how much I do in life, more like, how much do I make it matter, does it impact, inspire, increase income, etc. This is true for my children, my clients, my friends. It’s really not about what I can give them materialistically, it is what I can give them that stays with them. Experiences, memories, breakthroughs, that is the kind of legacy that I am building, not one to leave for people, rather leave within them.

As a busy wife, momma, business professional, life gets crazy… And I want to share a few things that keep me on track, aligned and dominating in all areas of life! 

People say this or think it subconsciously, I can’t have it all? 

Here’s the real truth about that. You decide what makes the cut and what doesn’t. 

So before we dig deeper, let’s just break free from the stigma that you have to have everything together, balanced and perfect. That perfect simply doesn’t exist. 

Firstly, you will never, ever please everyone. So choose who you are going to focus on serving. Let that sink in, it is a game changer. For me, this is God, myself and my family, then my business and everyone connected. I choose to honor and direct my life according to this. Men and women alike are tempted by the perfect appearances of others’ lives, tempted to think that they are not enough. Here is the honest truth. Your journey will be full of differences and you decide what those differences are. Your path may lead to similar destinations while being extremely different then the others you consistently compare yourself to. Stop it!!! Stop comparing you to them, them to you. Run your race. 

To create the focus you desire to execute effectively, you must let go of the things that are not serving you. Allowing others opinions, dreams and wishes to rule your actions is the fastest way to lose the race you want to win. They only have the power that you allow them to have. If they are not raising you up, supporting you on your journey to become, then it is time to change. Time to let go.

Remember… Define what success means to you. Decide that you are going to achieve it. Do the next right thing that leads you there. Regardless of where you find yourself, you need to identify your priorities, the non-negotiable things in your life. This will directly affect your business. I shared my top priorities and those are non negotiable, what are yours? 

With this destination in mind at all times, you will be able to stay aligned with your charted direction. Regardless of what comes your way, you will stay the course. 

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