Are you reading this article? Then probably the headline was strong enough, or the topic hit your nerve. But did the title of the article really convince you? And why are you reading this article further?

The questions that will be discussed below: What really are the important components of an excellent article? A captivating and uncommon introduction is among the 12 factors. With the other 11 tips, you assist the reader to read. You make it so easy for readers to enjoy, read, process, and also share your content.

1. The readership target?

“When we write for everyone, we do not write for anyone.” Defining your readership target can be very difficult, especially when you do not know (yet) your readership. The easiest way is to imagine that we are talking to one person: a customer, a prospect, a surfer who follows us on social networks, a close friend, a member of his family, his boss, etc. Writing for one person at a time makes the text more realistic, hard, and fast. Truthful! All the great speakers know it: they do not address the crowd, but to a few people in particular, well-chosen.

2. A headline that captivates

Is the headline of a contribution not only the first but perhaps also the last impression that gained a reader? Writing a captivating and exciting headline may be difficult. However, if the ideal one is established, the effort pays off: you have attracted the right attention with your article.

  • The interest of the subject and the quality of the content

Dealing with topics that interest people: here is the first rule when one is web editor to be visible on the search engines! This is obvious, but we often tend to hide it, unconsciously most of the time. Why? Because we really want to talk about OUR subject, OUR product, we forget to know if it interests the user.

  • How to find topics that interest people? Answer: be alert on the “rumor of the world.” That is to say, social networks, search engines, forums, radio broadcasts, movies in the cinema, recently published books, local shows, issues of our customers, etc.
  • “Ok, I found an interesting topic, but how do I deal with it in an interesting way? “ It is also a question not to be forgotten. It will be best to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and ask yourself questions like, “did I learn something? » « Was it useful to me, or did I already know? » « Does it make you want to share it with my friends? If you answer “no” to these questions, then you have to review your copy.

3. “Open with a bang …!”

Now that you have considered the perfect headline, it would be a pity to destroy the right impression of the reader by a boring introduction. The beginning of the text should continue not only the tension and the thought of the headline but also increase the willingness of readers to read. Some writers spend a whole week to write a 50 words short introduction.

4. Use strong words & phrases

A few convincing and compelling words can unbelievably influence your readers. But before you use them, you should be aware of why they are so influential and how to best use them for your purpose.

5. Each sentence is a single work

Everything you write does not just begin with a sentence but ends with a sentence. So if you want to write average articles, write average sentences. However, if you want to write a great article, every single sentence should be a work and delight your readers. The best sentence does not always have to be the longest – he has to say the right thing!

6. Bullet Points for the eyes

Lists not only increase reading readiness but make your content even more pleasant for the eyes of the readers. It should be noted, however, not to summarize entire paragraphs as bullet points; otherwise, the meaning of Bullet Points loses its meaning.

7. Subheading: Attention says, thank you!

Once you’ve lost the reader’s attention, it will probably only skim over your laboriously written text, if at all. Therefore, you should do everything to reduce readiness by a bad layout. Ensure you put your thoughts in subheading; this should not only briefly reproduce the contents of the paragraph, but also arouse the curiosity.

8. The story that seduces

A good movie is characterized by the fact that it starts with a protagonist in a conflict. In the course of the film, this drama-related conflict is so intensified that a great miserable drama emerges from this initial, perhaps small, conflict. Often, the climax brings a big turnaround, and the viewer is happy with the happy ending.

The same should apply to your story in the near future. The content should be accompanied by heroes, mentors whose path is, of course, hampered by obstacles and goals or facilitated. The perfect ending is moral. Here you can find ideas for your articles.

9. Cliffhanger

By using internal cliffhangers, emotions are incorporated into a story or an article. Cliffhangers should be statements or forums that will encourage your readers to read between content. Imagine these cliffhangers would be brief moments of temptation.

10. The picture with that certain something

Of course, readers like to hear exciting stories. But why waste the web’s possibilities with black lines and a white background? Use pictures correctly so that articles for readers will be remembered and look interesting. Therefore, an article should always have meaningful and unique images.

11. “… end with a bang!”

The goal of effective writing is to provide the reader with a fun and informative reading event from point A to point B. So the key to a successful end of the text is knowing exactly where to try to bring the reader with the text before even writing a single word.

12. Stay authentic

You do not have to be an experienced blogger or a long-time copywriter to create good content. Often only the pure passion for what one tries to inform in his texts is sufficient.

Another tip to stay authentic: It’s easier to write texts about a product or topic by having a conversation about the article’s topic. 

13. And at the end of the article, what do we do?

Call to Action (CTA)! Some examples:

  • we encourage you to read other articles of the same theme
  • it is proposed to subscribe to a newsletter to receive the latest articles
  • we return to a contact page
  • we encourage to download a white paper in pdf format in exchange for an email address.


We have extensively discussed copywriting tips you should pay attention to and it’s time to take action!

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